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Recorded in 2015.


Oh I wish you was my girlfriend
We could go out for a drink on a Saturday night
And I wish I was your boyfriend
Maybe I could get a chance to hold you tight
Lady, you don't even notice me
And here I think about you all the time
Maybe I could write you poetry
And you could be my muse and help me rhyme
And I know I sound confused
But I really wanna say those I love yous
Oh honey, you're the reason I'm blue

And I wish I was your mailman
I'd chase you like a dog on down that street
And I wish I was your professor
I'd make you work real hard to earn that B
Oh won't you be my Laura Palmer?
Cuz every time I see her she turns me on
And I can be your Patrick Swayze, oh oh oh
And we can dirty dance til the red dawn
Do I sound misled?
Cuz I got so many ideas in this head
Oh lady don't you wanna be my girlfriend?
I wish you was my girl

I had this dream of you and I
You was putting on your makeup
Then you put your hands on my hips
Oh how your ruby colored lips were warm, oh
And I was sitting on the bed
Playing guitar when you said
"Honey, won't you play me a song?"
So I did it and it went...

And with her top down
She was going down on me
And I wanted to cum and didn't
And I felt so frustrated
Wish you, I wish you was my girlfriend
And no, I didn't call you
And oh, I should have called you
And so what if I love you
Just doesn't matter anymore
Wish you, I wish you was my girlfriend, yeah

Oh I wish I wasn't stupid
I woulda shoulda coulda made you mine
And it don't take a bloody cupid to see that you're cute
At least I like to think it's true sometimes
Girl I wish I was your lover
Cuz you and me together would be so tight
You would never need another, oh oh oh
Cuz I'm the only man that treats you right
Girl how I wish that you could see me in that way
It's gonna take forever and a day
My nose is in the books that you have read
My lips are on the words that you have said
Oh lady, don't you wanna be my girlfriend?

I say bop bop bop bop bop bop
Wish you was my girlfriend
I wish you was my girl...
I wish you was my girlfriend, yeah


from The Gork​.​.​.​And How To Get It!, released January 6, 2017
Jesse Valencia - Vocals/guitar
Tevin Crabdree - Bass
Ben Holladay - Drums

Written by Jesse Valencia
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jon Weil


all rights reserved



Gorky Show Low, Arizona

"Gorky hails from Show Low, which isolates them from the scene a bit, but when they come to town next, I highly recommend catching them..." Mitchell Hillman, Phoenix New Times.

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